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We do NOT charge extra if we need to use the drone for your roof. Since we know you have called more than 1 company doing your due diligence, check out our tips below to ensure that you go with the right company! If you get a lower price, call us, we might be able to match it!*

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Keep this in mind:

We talk to people all day long on the phone and out and about. Typically, this is what we hear. As a result, we price our inspections and apply package pricing to keep our prices low, to ensure you get the best home inspection for your money.

Buyers: “What’s your price? I’ve been on the phone price shopping.”

Not every inspection company uses the same technology, software and puts in the same level of effort in protecting you and your investment.

If you get a price that is substantially lower than other inspectors in the area, we just urge you to be cautious. Also call us, if it is within reason, we will match it.* Why? A home inspection has standards, guidelines and necessary equipment as well as insurance to navigate. Not only that, but an inspector should take an ample amount of time to go over your largest investment AND a good inspector will spend the same amount of time (if not more) writing your report. If an inspector is coming in with a much lower price, are they spending the same quality time on your inspection and report as their competitors? Do they have the newest technology and tools to provide you with the most thorough and informative report? Sacrificing quality during the home inspection, one of the most crucial points of a real estate investment is not advised. We have heard repeatedly that during the time when they were shopping for an inspector, they went with a lower priced company (and I mean $25 less not $100) and regretted it because they received a lesser quality report that they couldn’t understand. Or the inspector rushed through the house and missed big ticket items. Ask, how long will the inspection take. 45 minutes is NOT sufficient time. A minimum of 1 1/2 hours to 2 + hours is the norm.

Are you booking just off the question, what is your price?

You should be asking them and yourself different questions. Is the website antiquated? Expect your report to be too. Do they have capabilities of doing a roof inspection if it is not walkable for reasons such as snow, ice or a poor condition of the roof? We have a drone for that. How long does the report take to produce and receive? We turn it around within 24 hours of inspection ending.

Somebody I’ve come across recently, told me their horror story, which I confirmed. When he was buying a house he did just what most people do. He called and asked, what is your price? He got a quote and said, oh well we went with this guy, he was the cheapest by $20. What could be so different? $20 is $20 for me to keep vs. give to somebody else. I have enough expenses buying the house. Well, had he gone with a different question, he wouldn’t have been out $20,000 the first year of moving in that he had NOT budgeted for. The inspector did not walk the roof and did not have a drone. As a result, they were unaware of the exact condition of the roof. A few days after they moved in, they had a huge hole in the ceiling of the master bedroom. This same guys inspector missed a scorch mark in the electrical panel, the fact that the furnace may have been operational but was manufactured 18 years prior (life expectancy is 15-20 years), and the air conditioner unit was leaking. Oh, and to top it all off, the few pictures that were in the report, were blurry.

Don’t accept the answer to: “Will you walk my steep roof or use a drone?” as: “No, I’ll view it through my binoculars.” With today’s technology, that is a ridiculous statement!
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*If you obtain a lower price, call us or email us. If within reason, we’ll match it! Why? we’d rather you get the best home inspection your hard earned money can buy! We don’t want to be undercut by somebody by $20 and risk you not using Blue Line Home Inspections for the best inspection of your new home!